Join us at Lenovo TechWorld: Experience the Dawn of the AI-Era

By ReporterX Sep28,2023
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The world is on the cusp of a technological revolution, and Lenovo TechWorld 2023 is your ticket to witness it firsthand. On October 24th, 2023, at 17:00 PM CET, you’re invited to a groundbreaking virtual event that will redefine the future of technology. Get ready to embark on a journey into the AI era, where Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang, along with industry leaders, will unveil the transformative potential of Computing + AI through Lenovo innovation. This is not just about your business; it’s about the planet.

The Event Highlights

Date and Time: October 24th, 2023, 17:00 PM CET
Location: Live, Virtual Broadcast

Why Attend Lenovo TechWorld?

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Advancing AI and powerful, widespread computing are reshaping the world as we know it. Lenovo TechWorld 2023 promises a virtual keynote unlike any other, featuring top-tier speakers who will delve into the following:

1. Lenovo 360 Competencies: Discover how individual sellers can enhance their skills and gain valuable credentials and certifications through Lenovo 360 Competencies. These learning paths empower sales teams to deepen their expertise on Lenovo’s latest solutions, enabling them to tackle new opportunities and markets while working towards Lenovo 360 Accreditations and Lenovo 360 Status.

2. Lenovo Surveys: Your feedback is invaluable. Lenovo is committed to improving the Lenovo Partner Hub and the Lenovo Bid Platform to support your business growth. Take their online survey and contribute to enhancing your experience.

3. Lenovo’s Global Storage Leadership: According to the latest IDC tracker, Lenovo has become the fastest-growing Global Storage Provider. Lenovo has secured the #1 position in Storage <$25K for the last 4 quarters and ranks #4 in Total Global Storage across all IDC Price Bands. Witness Lenovo’s remarkable growth with a 400% YtY increase in the fastest-growing midrange category and a staggering 1,000% YtY growth in the AFA category.

4. Formula 1 and Lenovo: Dive into the world of Formula 1, where Lenovo plays a pivotal role in supporting the IT infrastructure needed to keep the races running smoothly. With cars reaching speeds of 200mph and fans tuning in from around the globe, Formula 1 relies on Lenovo’s expertise to deliver seamless experiences.

5. Edge AI’s Transformative Power: Explore how Edge AI is revolutionizing industries across the board. Download a comprehensive eBook to understand how this technology is overcoming challenges, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting operational efficiencies.

6. Canalys Forum EMEA 2023: Lenovo returns as a keynote sponsor at the Canalys Forum EMEA, scheduled for October 3-5. This event focuses on finding ways to enhance financial health and stability in a competitive market. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Luca Rossi, EVP & President, Intelligent Devices Group, in his keynote session, as well as engaging Q&A sessions with Lenovo representatives.

7. Partner Webinars: Lenovo has launched a series of partner webinars covering a wide range of topics, including tools, incentives, and programs. Whether you’re interested in catching up on past webinars or tuning in live for upcoming sessions, Lenovo has you covered.

8. Real-World Success Stories: Learn from real-world case studies, such as ZKW Group’s adoption of Lenovo server solutions to provide virtual CAD workstations and Lenovo TruScale IaaS. Discover how Lenovo is helping Al Hathboor support advanced digital transformation projects and sustainable data center operations.

Mark your calendar for Lenovo TechWorld 2023 and be part of this transformative experience. The AI era is here, and Lenovo is leading the way. Don’t miss your chance to join the conversation and shape the future of technology. Register now, and get ready to embrace the future of AI and computing!

By ReporterX

With a passion for technology and the future of humanity, I come before you with over 15 years exp in the field of IT, to share the advancements in our society, which backed me up with a journalistic degree. All about AI and it's impact on technology are the subjects, here for you to see. Stay tuned and buckle up on this journey with me.

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